Domaine Villa Maroc


Our Guarantee of origin

On a rich and sunny soil near to Essaouira are grown the Argan and Olive trees of Domaine Villa Maroc. Under a traditional production method incorporated with an exhaustive control of Organic Oil elaboration process, Domain Villa Maroc combine the benefits of an original high quality product, a 100% natural product and the guarantee of the European Eco Certified label.

Our know-how is at the heart of our Organic Oils

The connection between modern methods and tradition is definitely the secret of the success of Domaine Villa Maroc Oils. The fruits are totally hand picked locally and transported in man made baskets. The high quality oils are obtained with no contamination whatsoever by any chemical process in order not to alter its taste or its qualities. It is 100% pure & fresh. The oil is produced under strict European quality controls guaranteeing always the traceability of the product.

Our requirement of quality comes First

The pursuit of quality and the integrity of taste, is the purpose of Domaine Villa Maroc Les Huiles d’Essaouira It is what has guided us since our beginning.